See what your business can accomplish when the whole world is your creative canvas.

Four reality-bending abilities


Different cities, same room

Magic Leap 1 makes collaboration across continents as seamless as being in the same room. With realistic copresence, real-time file sharing and multi-user sessions, remote workers can truly bridge the divide. And even reduce their carbon footprint in the process.

3D visualization

The world is your canvas

3D content was never meant to be seen on a 2D screen. Bring 3D digital models, characters and data into the room with you. Have a 3D tabletop design review, or view concepts at 1:1 scale and ask your team to add annotations in real time.

Learn & assist

Upskill at scale

Beam in a remote expert from the other side of the world. Create hands-on training modules with step by step instructions to guide employees through complex tasks. And once training is complete, the results are automatically recorded and analyzed.

Location-based experience

Let any space take center stage

Fight a White Walker. Catch a virtual home run. Tour Versailles Palace with King Louis as your ghostly guide. Location-based experiences are all about bringing the digital world into your live events, so sports games, museums, trade shows and college campuses can come alive.

An invitation for innovation

Across education, health, robotics, automotive, aerospace, sports, entertainment, communications, AEC, real estate, retail, oil & gas, financial, manufacturing, and warehousing, spatial computing is fundamentally changing the way we do business.

Architecture, Engineering & Construction

Architecture, Engineering  & ConstructionArchitecture, Engineering  & Construction







Sports, Media & Entertainment

Sports, Media & EntertainmentSports, Media & Entertainment



Architecture, Engineering & Construction

3D BIMs come to life with Magic Leap 1. Unlike physical blueprints, digital designs can easily be updated so project change requests are less likely to impact budgets and timelines. Spatial installation instructions provide a contextual guide that’s always up-to-date, and looking to the future, you’ll be able to verify installed work simply by dropping a pin on a physical location.

Quality assurance and control can be assisted with Magic Leap 1. Worker tracking mitigates health and safety risks by letting you see if construction staff are in a dangerous area on site. And soon, spatial punch lists will make it easier to see how much work still needs to be done.
See your designs scaled down for a tabletop review, or at 1:1 scale and in position on an empty site. Once construction starts, 3D BIMs act as a digital twin, detecting clashes where two design elements take up the same space.
Share setbacks with a remote expert who can see everything you can see. Allow architects and construction workers to collaborate more closely, setting clear expectations, and tackling unforeseen issues as they arise.


Bring 2D images to life, and reveal new insights into complex data. Medical simulation training goes fully digital with Magic Leap 1, and anatomy classes can happen without cadavers. In the future, chronic disease patients will have a spatial treatment plan, and telehealth will break the barriers between patient and practitioner, expanding access to care and specialists.

There's no such thing as a 2D patient. 3D visualization enables medical professionals to understand vital information in new ways. Identify patterns, add contextual data, and see the whole history. 3D radiology viewers are already transforming surgical planning. And in the future, 3D visualization will help shape health and safety at a population level.
Looking to the future, spatial computing will help accelerate medical research, and virtual assistants will augment the clinical workforce with additional information and in-the-moment support.
Enable doctors and specialists in different locations to consult each other face-to-face within seconds. Pull up and interact with 3D radiology images, medical records, and talk through treatment plans in real time. Looking forward, this same technology will break the barriers between patients and practitioners, so virtual care can be delivered to people in their own home.


Give product designers the ability to visualize 3D digital designs, eliminating the need for physical models or prototypes. Teach employees how to handle high-risk scenarios and tackle complex tasks with interactive training modules. And remotely present virtual products in their real intended environments, leaving prospective customers with their jaws on the floor.

Give product designers the tools to create 3D digital prototypes that you can walk around and see from any angle. With a more fluid design process, you can get products to market faster and eliminate the need for clay models or physical prototypes.
Let your whole team experience your designs at 1:1 scale and add annotations in real time. With 3D visualization, it’s hard to tell the difference between a design review and a 3D digital test drive.
Meet a prospective customer face-to-face and present a 3D digital model of your product. Turn a static trade show booth into an interactive space that showcases your latest and greatest, or let a client take a walk around your product before it’s even been built.


Turn any store into a stage for brand stories, artistic installations or new product launches. Create an endless aisle of products that customers can customize and buy, ramp up employees quicker with automated training modules, and expand your digital presence with a virtual pop-up store.

Showcase your full product range with an endless aisle filled with 3D digital products in every size, color, make, and model. Integrate online reviews into the shopping experience to reassure customers and close the sale.
Capture your customer’s imagination with 3D digital products that you can place, customize, and buy. In-store visitors can redesign their home, go for a digital test drive, or visit a virtual luxury resort, all with Magic Leap 1.
Come up with new ways to improve store layout, manage inventory, and reduce the cost of training a transient workforce. Get a bird’s-eye view of your supply chain so it’s easy to see how much stock is left and when the latest shipment is expected to arrive.

Sports, Media & Entertainment

Discover a whole new way to create film, TV, games, and live events. Give fans at home the VIP treatment with behind-the-scenes footage and 3D content, or build show-stopping attractions for visitors at museums, theme parks, concerts, and eSports events.

Brainstorm new ideas for media creation with multi-user 3D visualization, so you can come at a problem from any angle. Scale your designs up or down, add annotations, and capture concepts on a virtual whiteboard.
Put content creators in the middle of the experiences they are creating. Visionary storytellers can merge the physical world with 3D computer generated content on the fly. Designers, directors, and media agencies can push their production capabilities further than ever before.
Game designers can see 3D digital models together and iterate in an instant. Bring characters into the room with you for a 3D tabletop design review and ask your team to add annotations in real time.


Turn every classroom into a blended learning environment that engages students like never before. Whether you’re teaching history or human anatomy, chemistry or philosophy, Magic Leap 1 boosts engagement, increases information retention, and improves learning outcomes.

Bring words, symbols and infographics off the page and into your physical space. Students can learn at their own pace, and retain more information thanks to this “show don’t tell” approach.
Bring 3D content into the classroom so it can be studied from every angle. Subjects and syllabuses come to life as living infographics that students can walk around, and manipulate together in real time.
Bring the world’s leading educators into classrooms all around the world. Spatial learning connects students, educators and researchers with 3D content wherever they are.

Meet Magic Leap 1

A wearable spatial computer that brings the physical and digital worlds together as one. It’s portable, powerful, and comfortable enough to wear for hours on end.

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Magic Leap 1

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