Technology: Optics

High-fidelity visuals. FOV breakthroughs. Clarity, stability, and real world visibility.

Magic Leap optics technology can be manufactured to fit multiple ultra-light form factors.
We continue to innovate, striving to produce AR devices for everyone—from standard-sized glasses designed for everyday use, to wearable workstations for industry professionals.

Magic Leap optics

In depth: Optics technology

High-fidelity visuals

FOV breakthroughs

Clarity and stability

Real world visibility

We pioneered and are continuing to innovate an unmatched optics stack to deliver crisp text, sharp graphics, and rich visuals. People can clearly see and use their everyday applications overlaid on real-world environments, or become immersed in rich AR and 4D experiences. This scalable tech allows us to push color uniformity, resolution, and brightness further, delivering high-quality, legible, and accurate digital content to the user in any environment.

Magic Leap’s advanced, ultra-light projector and eyepiece designs enable the largest possible diagonal field–of-view (FOV) in any given form factor. Scalable technology balances FOV, weight, size, and cost to meet the needs of different AR devices, users, and experiences—all the way from everyday smart glasses up to wearable workstations like our Magic Leap 2 AR for enterprise headset.

Precise, real-time calibration delivers stable digital content that remains anchored in space. This makes viewing 2D, 3D, and 4D digital content more comfortable for longer periods of time, while minimizing visual strain and addressing the vergence accommodation conflict.

Our transparent optics technology provides the user with direct visibility into the surrounding world. No distortion, no lag—just a crystal-clear view of the real world as it really is, with digital content seamlessly integrated into your view of it. This visibility allows users to maintain mobility and situational awareness, interacting with the world around them as they normally would while also viewing and interacting with virtual content within it.

Magic Leap is advancing what’s possible for AR with industry-leading optics and highly scalable manufacturing

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