Magic Leap Announces Magic Leap 2 is TAA compliant

Magic Leap today announced that its Magic Leap 2 augmented reality device complies with certain procurement requirements of the Trade Agreements Act (TAA) for its U.S. Government end customers.

Magic Leap Joins MRTK Steering Committee alongside Microsoft and Qualcomm Technologies

Magic Leap is excited to announce that we are joining forces with Microsoft and Qualcomm to lead the MRTK Steering Committee. This collective expertise will guide the evolution of MRTK, ensuring it continues to push the boundaries of XR innovation.

New Capabilities on Magic Leap 2 Increase Enterprise Collaboration and Productivity

Magic Leap 2 has added new capabilities including AR Cloud and a native Web Browser on Magic Leap 2. We’ve also made significant improvements to existing features that make development for our platform even easier and increase product performance and functionality. 

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Developed for developers

Instant iteration. No builds required.

Magic Leap App Simulator system allows development without a device. Edit and test code as it runs without deploying new versions. App development occurs in real-time and iteration is immediate.

Build with your preferred engine

Magic Leap 2 provides your choice of engines. This includes support for C API, Unity, and third-party engines via OpenXR (coming Q4 2022).

Build without limitations on an open platform

Unlike other augmented reality platforms, Magic Leap doesn't limit your development with a restrictive platform. Develop on Android™ AOSP OS interface standard. Magic Leap supports leading open software standards—including OpenGL and Vulkan—with OpenXR and WebXR (coming Q4 2022).

Seamlessly port and distribute your solutions

Port multi-platform AR Applications

Quickly port Hololens and Mobile AR apps with standard Android APIs, pure Android support within Unity, and robust MRTK support. With Android™ AOSP, it's easy to support any Bluetooth or tethered hardware accessories your solution might require.

Seamless distribution

The openness of Magic Leap 2 includes application distribution and installation. You're free to sell your solutions directly to your customers through your own web store and channel partners—no app store submissions or approval processes. Users install your apps directly or through the MDM system of their choice.

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Use the Magic Leap App Simulator to start developing for Magic Leap 2—even without a device. Port an existing app or build something entirely new.

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